Monday, August 10, 2015

SJW Watch: The University of New Hampshire Attempts To Regulate Student's Vocabularies

   Wonder whether this stuff is getting nutty enough for mainstream liberals to admit that there's a problem. 
   Aside from the language policing itself, we even get two screwy SJW buzzwords in the setup: "microaggression" and the ubiquitous "problematic." 
   Of course the situations they seem to have in mind aren't aggressions at all, "micro-" or otherwise. The phrase they seem to be searching for is "minor annoyance..." But then we're really not talking about something here that's reasonable to even be discussing... This isn't just a quibble with annoying terminology. Rather, as is so often the case, the terminology serves a purpose. It is specifically constructed to import a presupposition into discussion--that using a word that might possibly annoy someone else is an act of aggression. And that, of course, is nonsense. 
   The liberal view used to be: your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins. Now it's rather more like: your right to swing your fist ends where a bunch of nutty, perpetually-aggrieved, illiberal/far-left activists masquerading as scholars imagine that someone's nose might conceivably be.
  If these people were simply shrieking into the internet void, that would be one thing...but they aren't. They're only powerful in one institution in the real world...but that's universities, and that's an important one. If such language-policing were being promoted at universities at the behest of the far right...well...that's really not even remotely conceivable, is it?
   Sigh. I've fantasized about how much we could improve things if American conservatism became sane... Instead, I'm now dreading how much worse things might become if liberalism goes insane too...


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