Sunday, August 09, 2015

RIP Donald Trump's Political Aspirations: The Megyn Kelly / Blood Remarks

   Is anybody really all that surprised about this?
   I mean, Trumpo the clown is a buffoon. He's also an asshole, and an asshole with a schtick: being an even bigger asshole. So...even though this is a level of assholery rather beyond what I, at least, had come to expect from the least in's not really on a whole different level... It's basically a difference in degree and not in kind.
   I'm really eager to see new poll numbers, because I'm interested in what percentage of the GOP base is just fine with that kind of sexist bullshit.
   But, one way or another, that's it for Trumpo's hopes of making balloon animals in the Oval Office.
   Oh and: yeah, I think it's plausible that Fox went after Trump. Starting off with the question about supporting the eventual candidate was really notable. And yeah, Kelly was pretty tough at some points--but good on her for that. That was her solemn responsibility. Freaking Wallace was, I thought, tougher on Trump than Kelly. All three did a pretty good job IMO.


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