Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Republican Debate: Mindless Impressions

   I was tired and cranky when it was on, and just couldn't get myself to watch the whole thing. But I finally got myself to do it.
   I probably think what lots of people with my general political orientation think. My mindless, gut-level impressions: Trump is a buffoon, and not a serious contender in the long run. Huckabee is nuts, but pretty likable. Cruz is really nuts and not at all likable. Rand Paul is a libertarian. Carson is...probably an excellent surgeon. Christie is Christie, for better and worse. (To be honest, I'm kind of prejudiced against people with that kind of accent. I'm not proud of that fact, and I hope to work my way out of it some day. But there it is...) Walker is basically Damien, Omen 2015. Kaisich, Rubio and, God help us, Bush all came across as pretty reasonable. (Johnny Quest hates Rubio. I see him as a lesser evil. He doesn't bug me that much. Every time JQ goes off on him I pretend to reflect thoughtfully, and then say "that's racist." This has made for some fun times here at the institute...) (Oh, she also really, really hates Walker, but we're more-or-less in agreement about him.) (Needless to say, we both hate the hell out of Trump...)
   If I were forced to bet I would, with a heavy heart, bet that one of these dudes is going to be our next president...


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