Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Anti-Firearm Propaganda At the Washington Post: "Watch What Happens When Regular People Try To Use Handguns In Self-Defense"

Wow this is bad.
It's based on this study...also bad.
This BS isn't even worth taking seriously. Here's the first sentence of the executive summary:
This study was tasked at making a determination as to what the quantity and quality of firearms training was required of citizens in the United States to safely carry and, if need be, use a firearm in a stressful situation for self defense.
This seems to have been written by junior high school students...  Then there's the following, bolded and enlarged:
Legislators and public policy makers must stop denying the reality that carrying and possibly using a firearm is the same as riding a bike and that once you learn you are ready for the Tour de France or the Olympics.
Unless I'm missing something, this says the opposite of what the authors want it to say...  Together these two sentences constitute about 10% of the executive summary...and the rest isn't much better...

I'm not one to deny that the U.S. has a serious problem with firearms. Incompetent propaganda isn't going to help solve it.
Christopher Ingraham and the Post should be ashamed of themselves.


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