Thursday, August 06, 2015

Reason: College Codes Assert That (Metaphorical) Color Blindness Is A "Micro-Aggression"

   The SJW / neo-PC left is largely nuts.
   That shouldn't be too controversial by this point.
   Liberals have been defending them largely by conceding that point, but asserting that they have no power/influence...
   ...which is, by now, clearly false.
   The far left tends to ensconce itself in academia, where it will be tolerated--in fact, fact, enthusiastically promoted/assisted. From that salient, it can influence a particularly important/vulnerable segment of the population. And that's what's happening.
   Look, it's not that every single point in these handouts is utterly daft... Some of them touch on things that people might want to think about and/or discuss. However...: the general tilt is toward the crazy, and more like indoctrination than discussion. A whole package of nutty left theories and talking points is being shoved down the throats of college students. Often freshmen, who are often particularly easy to bamboozle and bully. And it's often being done by places like "residence life". At least if it were done in the classroom, students might be on their guard...but it's being slipped in as if this stuff should just be taken for granted as the uncontroversial baseline by civilized adults.
   This is insanity, it's wrong, and liberals need to start taking it seriously.


Blogger The Mystic said...

You know, everything about this junk seems crafted to bypass scrutiny. Even the names chosen here are all like "Oh, don't worry that you didn't notice the aggression; it's a microaggression; less educated/astute observers don't notice them."

And then that leads into the grooming process, in which people are made to feel bad on account of their apparently insulting ignorance.. "But these microaggressions are part of a fabric of intolerance that forms the unbearable, constant oppression faced by minorities every day!"

And finally, when they get you to agree, out of your own empathy and fear of harming others, that maybe what you said was inadvertently similar in some respect to something reminiscent of atrocities committed against humans on account of race, NOW IT'S ON, MOTHERFUCKER! CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE! QUIT RAPING BROWN PEOPLE WITH YOUR WORDS!!!

Now, all of a sudden, something which started with concern for others at the cost of intellectually bending over backwards to accommodate a position that seems merely vaguely possible, you're an insoluble white prick whose very nature is to be an uncorrectable asshole.

And that's how you bamboozle freshmen: insidious intellectual sleight of hand under the guise of concern for others.

I remain convinced that the worst part of it all is that the sleight of hand seems largely, if not entirely, an involuntary, learned behaviour acted out by people who hate themselves in an attempt to alleviate their self-loathing. If the club of people buying into this junk gets big enough, and everyone can together celebrate how tolerant and civil everyone is, then surely they shouldn't hate themselves so much...

But they will. Junk can't save the soul.

I may be simply repeating myself at this point, but my defense is: the neo-PC crowd is repeating themselves.

3:19 PM  

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