Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sheep-Goat Hybrids

There are sheep-goat hybrids...and sheep and goats belong to different genera.  !!
And some are fertile. [er, some of the hybrids, I mean. Obviously some sheep and some goats are fertile...]
Nature abounds with borderline cases.


Anonymous c0vek said...

Yup. Or take the example of the Liger / Tigon -- though the parent species in those cases have the same number of chromosomes (38). Mules are the same way, except more like the geep you mentioned before due to differing chromosomal numbers. Humans and Neanderthals / Denisovians also, 24 chromosomes for the extinct ones, 23 for us.

Most of these hybrids die, of course, but not all do.

Biology is a messy thing, and we really are just starting to understand so much of it. Just you wait, custom-designed species are right around the corner. I'm still waiting for Cactacae, I want 7 foot tall cactus people!

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