Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain Spokesman Brian Rogers, Level 3 A$$hole


Having produced a world-altering taxonomy/hierarchy of liars...behold! I do the same for a$$holes! (Hey--it's no lamer than "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs." Sheesh, apparently it used to be possible to get famous for virtually anything...)

Level 1 a$$holes: are a$$holes.

Level 2 a$$holes: are a$$holes and deny they are a$$holes.

Level 3 a$$holes: are a$$holes, deny they are a$$holes, and assert that it is, in fact, the victims of their a$$holery who are the a$$holes.

Brian Rogers, despicable, level 3 a$$hole.

Even McCain has backed off from Rogers-type claims. Must be a weird feeling to be out there in public, in the news, mindlessly spewing mindless, vile, mindless, hateful, mindless talking points that everyone, including you, knows are despicable lies...when suddenly the honchos shift strategies, making it even more painfully obvious that you are completely and totally full of sh!t. Nothing says "I am a mindless, inconsequential toady" like having the branch you're slinging mud from sawn off underneath you by the people you're slinging mud for.

Your parents must be very proud.


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