Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Progressivism Destroys The University

My university's theory of how you create an intellectually more expansive institution:
Hire people on the basis of their intellectually irrelevant, generally biological, characteristics like race and sex (and also "gender" WTF ever that means now), and a bunch of other irrelevant shit.
Oh yeah.
This is gonna work great.
God knows the last thing you want to do for kids is put them in contact with great minds. Or, well, in our case: pretty good minds. Because, though they've never met a black person before, their lives are lousy with good philosophers! What's one more? What's contact with yet another a good philosophical mind going to do for them, compared to contact with, say, a guy with darker-than-average skin? I mean, that's the truly rare and transformative experience, amirite?

Progressivism is madness, man. And its most notable effect will be the destruction of Western Civilization.
[Eh...could be, anyway...]


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