Tuesday, January 14, 2020

David A. Graham: "Whatever The Question, The Answer Is Trump"

That should probably be: ...The Answer is 'Trump'...but whatevs.
I think this is pretty right.
Trump may have done a really good thing. Maybe he's even really good at foreign policy. But he talks/tweets like a loon. Which makes it seem pretty probable that he got lucky at best. And: a president needs to be stable and sensible. And Trump doesn't seem to be either. At the very least: we can't be sure that he is those things. And we can't have a wild-card in the White House.
   I still think the guy should never have even been in the running to be POTUS.
   But I also still think that progressivism has basically (a) gone mad and (b) taken over the Dems. And so they're also a completely unacceptable option.
   So here we are.


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