Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Trump Authorized Killing Soleimani 7 Months Ago, With Conditions

I've been too busy to follow developments re: whether the administration lied about Soleimani planning imminent attacks. It's never been clear to me that they needed that justification--though I expect they probably need it. One way or another, if they lied about it, then they're lying mofos.
   This is informative. It  in no way shows the Soleimani operation to have been unjustified, though.
Man, I can't even stay up on what's happening--much less think carefully about it--when I'm on break. There's just no way for ordinary people to really keep up with what's going on.
   And now the NYT and the WaPo have both gone nuts with TDS, I not only won't pay for subscriptions, I don't even like looking at them. (And I get tired of erasing my browser history.) They're so daft that they're making my own anti-progressive derangement syndrome (aPDS) worse. Gosh, you'd think that even NYT and WaPo readers would get fed up and start demanding some modicum of objectivity...wouldn'tcha? I mean, reading them is a bit like reading a thinly-disguised Democratic press release. It's not like there's nothing true in 'em… Even Democratic press releases contain truths from time to time. Thing is, with Democratic press releases, you can--or use'ta could--check them against, y'know, the NYT and the WaPo. But when the sources you used to check things against are now the sources most in need of being checked... Well, it's not good is what I'm saying.


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