Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Crazy-Talk From Progressive Activists: If Bernie Doesn't Win "Cities Burn"; Denazification Needed For Trump-Supporters; Gulags Not That Bad

Kinda looks like we are watching a progressive political bull session over beers. Don't get me wrong--it's nuts. And nuts in ways that are genuinely representative of certain tendencies on the progressive left. It's not like anything in there is a surprise. It's not like we've never heard this kind of stuff before from such folk. But that being said: people say a lot of dumb shit when they're in their cups and hanging out with the similarly-outraged. I'm not wild about the fact that these ideas are so prevalent now in the U.S. But I certainly don't advocate pretending that this sort of thing tells us what these guys really think in a cool hour. Does anybody want his drunkenest, rantiest conversation to be on the interwebs? As a representation of his actual beliefs? And to get at the same kind of point from a different direction: isn't this basically what the screechy left does? I mean, I know it's project "Veritas". But still...


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