Friday, January 31, 2020

Border Barriers Are Morally Wrong Because Borders Are Wrong Because Nations Are Wrong Also Barriers Don't Work

The border fence is bad both because it keeps people out and because it doesn't.
   Also, of course, it is trivially easy to climb up 40' bollards and any child can just scamper on up and down the other side without missing a beat, or dig under it in like five seconds so. Most people just pass on through it without even noticing it was there, even in the sections that haven't disintegrated in the rain. In fact, the fence is actually increasing illegal immigration which is a cost-free blessing to this country in every imaginable way and is the only thing known to man that has no risks or, wait, that would make the fence good which it isn't so just scratch that last part.
   Remember when even Dems admitted that there is such a thing as bad immigration? Good times.


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