Friday, January 31, 2020

Warren: A "Young Trans Person" Will Vet Secretary Of Education Candidate

There simply are no words.
   This isn't even funny anymore. We now have one entire political party being controlled by a political faction that has completely lost its god. damned. mind. 
   They start with rare and possibly-not-eve-real condition. We don't understand it. And, again: it may well not be real. Then--instead of addressing it rationally and scientifically...they make up a whole creationist metaphysics on the basis of it. According to which metaphysics, whatever people with this possibly-not-even-real condition believe becomes literally true. So they can change their sex just by thinking differently...or dressing differently...or something. (This is, of course, all supported by ambiguous terminology...which is what he whole mess really comes down to in the end.) Of course, because progressivism is a kind of contagious madness, it runs wild in the intellectually weakest sector of the society--which, God help us, means ed schools. We are so f*cked. So it then takes over primary and secondary schools. And they brainwash kids to believe that they have this disease, and so they can change reality with their thoughts. Then at least one Democrat decides that a brainwashed child with a, let's face it, almost certainly made up condition, possessed of a magical metaphysics made up in the women's studies department last Tuesday...will get a say in who occupies a cabinet-level position...running the department in charge of brainwashing children to believe they have this let's-face-it-not-real condition...and to adopt the creationist metaphysics...and...
   If you're still considering voting for this insane party...well...all I can do is beseech you to step back for a second and think about what you're considering. You may judge the other lot to be worse. I don't think that's utterly nuts, though I currently disagree. But, whatever you think about the red team, the blues have totally lost it.

[The video is, believe it or not, even cringier.]


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