Wednesday, January 29, 2020

NYT Editorial Board Says The Walls Are Closing In On Drumpfff!!!111

Gosh, I almost feels as if I've heard something like this before...
   But I'm through being jerked around. Every one of these sure-fire Trump-dumpers that the progressive establishment has coughed up in the past has turned out to be a dud. This impeachment has been a joke thus far--except misusing the power of impeachment for political gain isn't funny in the least . Now we get still more hearsay that somebody said something that--if true--would add some support to the anti-Trump case...though we're not even told what it was that was allegedly said in this unpublished manuscript of which we have fifth-hand "knowledge"...or whatever. And the Dems didn't bother to build the case because they were too busy gaming the system.
   I want the truth to out, and--catastrophic though it would be for the nation--if Trumpo the Clown needs to go, he needs to go. But I'm not going to let Nancy trick me into kicking at the football yet again. These people are even more ridiculous than the other guy.
   This is serious business, but you wouldn't know it to look at it.


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