Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The "Equality Act" Is Another Step Toward Totalitarianism

I'm skeptical of the main thesis that it's a step toward a "social credit" system. But that part seems inessential to me. Obviously I think that the outright, systematic, principled denial of plain facts is a line we must not cross. So did Orwell. And, y'know, every other sane person. Few progressives seem to agree. If we don't draw the line there, I have no idea where we might draw it. I don't think this is something I should have to convince people of. If you find yourself at that point, you're already half-lost, I fear.
   Not mentioned in the piece: the recent attempted revival of the ERA. I don't see how this can work, given that the window for passage has closed...but rules are for narrow-minded unwoke bigots, I suppose. Seems like the combination of the ERA and the Equality Act would be a disaster: the prohibition of any discrimination based on sex + the redefinition of sex to include things that aren't sex, including the pseudoconcept "gender identity." And that's not to mention the general principle that sufficiently irrational parties are permitted to declare such things by fiat, simply by redefining non-F things to be F.
   The danger posed by Trump pales in comparison to the Orwellianization of America.

   Also: before the unhinging of the left, I was usually for the ERA. I would flip to the other with some frequency only because I'm under the impression that the ERA doesn't do anything that isn't already done by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. And I don't favor amending the Constitution unnecessarily.


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