Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Don Lemon and CNN May Just Have Re-Elected Trump

The GOP put out an absolutely devastating ad (and fast):
Again, I wonder whether there's any amount/degree of such derision for ordinary Americans that would make our cultural betters stop and wonder whether they're the baddies...

   Say what you want about Trump...and I'll probably say a lot of the same things...but he doesn't hold ordinary Americans in contempt. In fact, he pretty clearly likes them. And many of them like him. You can have a billion dollars and still be a somewhat regular guy. You just about can't have the beliefs attitudes of contemporary "elites" and be a regular guy. And these are people who absolutely lose their shit at anyone who doesn't enthusiastically prostrate himself before every grievance group in the progressive stack. Even an inadvertent suggestion of condescension would be met with psychotic outrage. But the Deplorables...well, they're all stupid and disgusting. They deserve to be contemptuously mocked on national television. Even if it is just CNN.
   I'll bet this ad makes a difference in the race. I read about some study in which they determined that the best predictor of divorce was contempt between the spouses. A little contempt goes a long way. Ordinary Americans are faced with contempt from the progressive establishment basically nonstop. You think they don't notice that? They may not be as articulate as the lit-crit professor who's making fun of them, but they know bullshit when they hear it. And when they have to choose between the more-or-less normal guy who respects them and takes their lives and their struggles seriously, and the loathsome, ridiculous laughing jackasses who think their lives and everything they care about is a joke...well...how do you think they're going to vote?


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