Thursday, January 30, 2020

President Bernie Would Be A Disaster

   I know this probably all sounds good to 13-year-olds who just found out that politics is fashionable...but...what a disaster.
   My family has the following policy: you're never permitted to say Well, at least things can't get any worse...
   (This hearkens back to a story of my dad coming home on leave from the Guard, and his engine blowing up on the way, and spending more than a day getting towed back home (in the days way, way before cell phones), and when the whole ordeal was finally over, and everybody was collapsed sitting around my grandparents' living room, somebody uttered the phrase above...whereupon the phone rang and my dad was informed that, due to a paperwork mix-up, he was AWOL... Hence that phrase was banned forever... The few times anyone said anything like it in my family, it was like saying the name of the devil in the Middle Ages...everybody nearly made the sign of the cross...)
   I didn't say the banned phrase the night of Trump's election...but I sure as hell thought it.
   Serves me damn right.

[Even legal weed doesn't sway me on this. So you know it's bad.]


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