Sunday, June 30, 2019


I gotta admit--like Althouse, I found myself grinning while watching the vidya.
So I'm sitting here grinning like a fool--when one of the guys is a freaking brutal, psychopathic dictator...and the other is the Supreme Leader of North Korea....
   Seriously though: the dude is a Bond villain who kills people by throwing them into tanks of piranhas. Or with rockets. He's a psycho. And Trump is...whatever he is.
   I dunno, man.
   I just dunno‚Ķ
   Needless to say, I want NK to open up basically no matter how it happens... But if the Trumpster manages to pull this off, it will be the weirdest f*cking political thing of my entire life...
As a commenter at Althouse's digs said: if Hillary were standing up there with Kim, there would be wall-to-wall, orgasmic media adulation. That alone would be cited as conclusive confirmation of the wisdom of electing a "foreign policy expert" as president. Nobel Peace Prize, here she'd come. But it's Trump, so the coverage is mostly about this being a stunt. Which--maybe it is. Kinda seems to be. But if it's a stunt, it's a pretty damn good one.


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