Saturday, June 29, 2019

Has There Been A Surge In "Hate Crimes"?

I don't see how Klobuchar can get a Half True for this...but you know Politifact… Or maybe it's me. But she said "there has been an increase in hate crimes"--and there hasn't been. There's merely been an increase in reports. If anything, that's good news: more reliable reporting on them. There's a hasty paragraph at the end from a dubious-sounding source that claims that they go up every election year--but they may very well mean that reports of them go up in election years. Which is the same different thing again, as it were.
   Anyway: not exactly good news, but at least not bad news. Neutral news. Which is, kinda, good news, I guess. The eerie paradox...
   Also anyway: people need to stop saying that things are going to shit when they aren't.


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