Saturday, June 29, 2019

"Anti"fa--aka "People In The Crowd" Throw Quick-Drying Cement "Milkshakes" Into People's Faces

These people are even more repulsive than straight-up fascists.
I mean honestly, how do you manage that? It's gotta take some work.
Are these guys just sitting around in their basements saying "Hey, how can we be even more grotesquely repulsive than Nazis?"
"Hey, I gotta idea...let's be just like the Nazis...but we'll pretend we're against 'em! We'll pretend to be the good guys!"
"Oh, yeah, man...great idea!...And we'll assemble and carry around on our persons shit-and-urine bombs...which we'll throw at people we disagree with! Nazis...but grosser..."
"Yeah!...and we'll throw quick-drying cement in journalists' eyes if they try to report on what we do!"
Something about this sort of thing just screams I torture small animals behind the school...
I mean, really--what is there beneath shit-and-urine bombs? Fetuses, maybe? It really takes a particularly f*cked-up kind of person to think such weapons are a good idea. It's a suspiciously diligent kind of sadism.
Straight-up fascists seem almost...fascistically wholesome or something by comparison. Like...they want to destroy liberal society...but they're willing to do it in a stand-up fight at least. No slapfighting with poop weapons. At least you can have a grudging respect for panzers and ME 109s...
Also note that the story at the link merely reports that "people in the crowd" were throwing the cement. Y'know...people dressed in black, with bandanas over their faces...those "people"...
Imagine the media outrage if right-wing fascists were doing this stuff...
I guess this is the true sign that I've become conservative--I expect all fascists to be regarded and treated equally, regardless of where they lie on the political spectrum.

[Upon reflection...Quikrete sets up pretty quickly...that casts some doubt on the relevant claim... Not sure how long you could walk around with it in a cup like that. Of course you could just mix it really wet... Yeah, that ought to work. Never mind.
OTOH, there are all those signs for vegan could be that they just taste like Quikrete…]


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