Monday, May 13, 2019

Trump Warns That Iran Will "Suffer Greatly" If It Pulls Anything Amid Tensions

First, can we kinda lay off Iran? They've been pr*cks...but we've done worse to them than they could ever realistically do to us. Not saying to roll over...but damn...can we just cut 'em a little slack?
Second, and far less importantly: as for our "billion dollar fleet" referenced by Tabatabai-Nijad: you wish. Or, rather: we wish. You can't even buy one supercarrier, sans planes, for that kind of chump change.
Fire and fury! Fire and fury!
Some day he's going to say that shit to China or Russia, and the fewmets are gonna hit the windmill.

[Update: never mind; I didn't realize the Iranians were bombing ships in the Persian Gulf. Forget about cutting them slack.]


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