Sunday, May 12, 2019

No Book Deal For You If You Violate The Rules Of PC Calvinball

Woman sees an MTA worker eating on the Metro. Eating on the Metro is illegal: regular people don't get to do it. Woman takes a pic of said MTA worker, and posts a cranky "tweet" about it.
BUT WAIT! MTA worker was black woman! So tweet was hatetweet because RACISM!!!11
BUT ALSO WAIT: tweeter had written a forthcoming her publisher is apparently dumping her because a bunch of incoherent stuff about racism and "black women's bodies"!!!111
BUT WAIT EVEN MORE: Writer/tweeter is Jordanian! (Well, Jordanian-American)  IS THIS NOT WORTH SOME PC MOJO???
Enough of your efforts to force westernstraightwhitemale logic onto the left, bigot! Any kind of consistency whatsoevs is the hobgoblin of white minds! Also I'm sure 'hobgoblin' is also RACIST!!! SOMEHOW!!!!1 WHY ASK WHY????111
They're not even trying to make sense anymore. They alternate between the ridiculously predictable and the absurdly unpredictable. To the extent that there's a principle here, it seems to be: never do anything that might in any way get anyone black in trouble. Also: one "tweet" violating the rules of PC Calvinball and we get to ruin your life.


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