Saturday, May 11, 2019

Don't Beg The Totalitarian Left To acknowledge Your Right To Speak; Fight Back And Speak

   Here's an oversimplification of one aspect of our public discussion about free speech over the past couple of years--especially with respect to campuses:
Many popular essays have been written that contain some version of a plea to the illiberal left--a plea to allow the rest of us to speak.
   Here's the deal, IMO: such pleas are demeaning; they're also futile.
   Totalitarians are unlikely to change their stripes--or hammers and sickles/swastikas. They're not going to accede to liberal principles. You--we--need to tell them to go fuck themselves. We have rights, and we should defend them by exercising them--especially in the face of efforts to infringe on them. It's craven and senseless to beg the indulgence of the totalitarian left.
   It'd help if we stuck together more and mercilessly counterattacked whenever the thought police try to police thought. We must all hang together see where I'm going with this.
   That's not to say that we shouldn't rationally engage with the totalitarian left in an effort to get them to see the error of their ways; reason's on our side, after all. And we have some obligation to make an effort to help our fellow man when he loses his rational way. Engage, by all means. But make it clear that the line is drawn at efforts to control our thought and speech.
   It's also more efficacious: if people try to do x and have some success, they're more likely to keep at it. If they hit a motherf*cking brick wall every time...if they see that they have no hope of succeeding/winning...they're more likely to BTFO.
   Best would be that we all hang together and enthusiastically and immediately counterattack against every effort to infringe on our rights to free thought and speech. Inter alia, that means: those of you who are keeping your heads down need to stop it. Stand up and fight back, even if you or your friends aren't the target. Maybe what's needed is a kind of mutual defense pact, in which the members all pledge to defend the speech rights of other members, so that the totalitarians know that an attack on one is an attack on all... Though we should do that anyway without requiring any kind of alliance or agreement to do so.
   A way to put it: there's a sense in which the problem isn't them, it's us. It's not the silencers, but the silenced. (Of course the other side loves to shout "blaming the victim!" at this point...but, fortunately, we are not them.) They aren't exactly the Brownshirts. (Though they do have their black-clad Brownshirt wing...). They're not going to kill you, nor probably even physically attack you. Stop being a chicken shit. You might respond: most ordinary physical attacks are typically less harmful than the campaigns of personal and professional destruction the left commonly wages. I'd agree. I'd way rather throw down with them than be on the receiving end of their dishonest, psychopathic social dogpiling. Standing up to the NPCs can be costly. But counterpoint: suck it up, Nancy.


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