Friday, May 10, 2019

Transanity: School Teacher Convinced 8-Year-Old That He's A Girl

It's astonishing to me that such insanity has become almost routine.
   This story is yet another bit of evidence that we're talking about some kind of psychogenic or sociogenic condition. And: that progressives in the education establishment are not only committed to transgender mythology, but committed to transmitting it. And: that kids are extremely impressionable / psychologically malleable. 
   I also think it's yet more evidence about what's dangerous about the radical left. It never made much of a push for the view that we might ought to back off and let kids develop as more masculine or more feminine without strictly enforcing gender on the basis of sex. That just wasn't exciting and insane and radical enough. The radical identity politics left leapt right past the lassaiz-faire suggestion and straight to the least-rational and most-extreme option: boys can magically become girls (and vice-versa)...which would require actually changing their sex...merely by fiat, or via wishful thinking, or as a result of altering superficial characteristics like modes of dress. And note that many of them are so eager to push this superstition that they're willing to, basically, psychologically torture kids and implant mental illness in them. 
   Though the really basic problem here, of course, is the progressive left's subordination of truth to politics.


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