Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Pointman On Bipartisan Healing Is........The Mooch?????

You know I love me some Mooch...but of all the stories I have not expected to see, I maybe didn't expect to see this one the most.
   The Post, of course, is not-so-subtly derisive:
“I’m back to my roots. I’m being myself,” Scaramucci said while having his makeup applied early Thursday. He was sitting in his 29th-floor suite at the Bellagio, which looked out onto the Vegas Strip with its fake Eiffel Tower and to the russet desert beyond.
But I'll allow it. It is, after all, the Mooch; a certain degree of skepticism--or even incredulity--is understandable.
   Also but: look, anybody who's seriously undertaking to undivorce our two lunatic political factions automatically gets my respect and support. My head says it's a fool's heart says that we must not be enemies...
   So...uh...Godspeed, Mooch...knowhatahmsayin'?


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