Sunday, May 12, 2019

Neo-Lysenkoism And Transgender Ideology/Mythology: It's Now Impermissible To Express Accurate But Politically Incorrect Science On Twitter

More on Ray Blanchard's suspension from Twitter for citing politically incorrect hatefacts.
Jesse Singal, who has gotten a lot of things right, gets this right, too:
It is, indeed, a slow-motion disaster. Here, as in other contexts, the contemporary progressive left is far more anti-science than the right. And progressives get away with it, whereas conservatives don't. Progressives are not only asking us to believe outright material contradictions (some women are male; some men are female), they are demanding that we do so...and shouting down...and seeking to destroy...those who refuse to obey. Conservatism, like all political views I know of, certainly has a tendency to be skeptical of evidence that's inconsistent with its views. But that sort of thing seems really rampant mostly on the religious right. Outright anti-science has become a cornerstone of the progressive left. And, as I've said before, the progressive left is anti-scientific in the most profound possible way: it doesn't merely deny science it doesn't like, it occupies science and corrupts it, bending it to political ends.
   And still my well-behaved progressive friends refuse to admit there's a problem. They'd rather keep riding this crazy train than be honest about the fact that the left has...uh...gone off the rails...which isn't a mixed metaphor exactly...but some other kind of mistake.... They, in my opinion, are like Christians who realize, at some level, that the story doesn't make sense...but they can't bear the thought of being cast out from and at odds with their community--their friends, their co-workers, the whole liberal/progressive superstructure of our society. The social cost of honesty--intellectual and otherwise--is simply too high. It's almost always possible to cling to a political view if you try hard enough...and almost anything is better than being ostracized from polite liberal society...even if it's no longer even vaguely liberal... Many of my friends would no more think of openly criticizing progressivism from the right than they'd think of pulling down their pants in public.
   Honestly, this Blanchard ban doesn't surprise me at all. The Blanchard/Bailey theory of transgenderism is the most plausible one out there, formulated at a time when honest inquiry about the subject was still, to some extent, tolerated. Even mentioning their views now is the height of political incorrectness.
   Progressivism has lost its mind.
   It represents a very great threat to the country, and to Western--ergo human--civilization.


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