Thursday, August 02, 2018

NYT Hires Sarah Jeong, Racist, To Its Editorial Board

So the NYT just hired Sarah Jeong, who is openly racist. (As is her Constitutional right, incidentally.)
   I'm not mad about the NYT's progressive crackpottery...I'm just pointing and laughing.
   But make no mistake about it: this is contemporary progressivism. Anything that even could merely possibly be spun into something even mildly racist, said by a white person, can ruin his or her life. Non-whites can be openly and unapologetically racist against whites, and that's at worst permissible...or perhaps even laudable. It can make their careers. You can base your whole career on it in some parts of the humanities. (Oh and: don't forget the leftist tale about how it's not even possible to be racist against matter what you say or do.)
   I don't want Jeong fired nor any such thing. I'm just pointing out that she's a racist, and that the NYT is hypocritical, and the the PC left is stupid and bad. So: just another Thursday, when you think about it.*

[Update: Robby Soave agrees...and the NYT has stated its intention to stand by has decided to lie about her racism and pretend that it was all just a response to evil racist white people see??? She was merely "imitating the rhetoric of her harassers."** Get it? Heck, I'm sure that would be a good enough explanation to get a white person absolved from such a thing... So basically what we have here is just the progressive double standard plus a failure to maintain the courage of their convictions.]

*Exercise left for the reader: Does this entail that the right is not stupid and bad? Show your work.

[** I mean...maybe she was. But I'd bet a bit against it. She's just saying the things that the vanguard of progressivism says all the time...and she's using the standard-issue "response to harassment" defense... Anyway. Could be. But probably isn't.]


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