Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Two Profs Resign From UVA's Miller Center After It Awards Fellowship To Former Trumpista

As is their right, as goes without saying.
   Question: have Hitchcock and Leffler ever articulated similar objections to the academic left? Because if there was ever a threat to "truth...objectivity, and civility," it's the academic left.
   This isn't a tu quoque. I'm in no way arguing that their objections to Short are invalid because they haven't criticized the left for its similar failings. I'm rather just noting that academic commitment to truth and objectivity is often selective. And if we are interested in Hitchcock and Leffler's motives, it'd help to know whether they have criticized the left. If they live their professional lives in the midst of the anti-alethicist, anti-objectivist bullshit of the academic left and have never spoken up about it, then that points to the hypothesis that this is political, and anti-Trump, rather than philosophical.
   But I don't know anything at all about Short.


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