Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Is Drum Going PC? With!: Further Animadversions On The Left!

A couple of Kevin Drum's posts have bummed me out recently, as I fear that being immersed in progressive nonsense is having its effect on him. Like this one. My view is that popularity is death, because it inevitably drags you in whatever direction gains you approval. Which is, of course, why I remain resolutely unpopular. Just keepin it real, yo. 
   It's one of the reasons I think the PC/SJ madness on the left is so dangerous. (And, again, I must tediously add: I also fear the right, blah blah.) It's pervasive. It's kinda reoriented the left side of the spectrum. I'm going to channel Kuhn here...sort of...for a bit. It's shifted the whole...ok...I'm just not going to use that damn term...way of thinking on the left. It's not just that there's this or that false belief... It's that the whole...framework for tilted crazy. Blame America first--the old leading principle of the far left...has become blame whites and/or men first. (America gets blamed second...) The ideas running rampant on the left now involve thinking largely in terms of race / sex / "gender" / sexuality / etc. What the left now incorrectly calls "identity." But identity is who you are. What the left means by 'identity' is: who you say you are. Which is another reason why the madness on the left is so important: the deeper-level leading idea is a relativistic one: saying/thinking that x is F makes x F.
   (Interstitial suggestion: does it matter that the left is more female than the right? Some evidence in'know...consider the source...suggests that women favor women but men don't favor men. Could it be that much of the left's view of things results from projecting women's ways of thinking about the world onto men? Weeeeellllll....could be...but then there's that ten thousand years of discrimination against women and
   I suggest that the left is currently in the kind of predicament the right would be in if fundamentalist Christianity broke out and infected everything over there. PC/SJ thinking is basically the religion of the left now. It's a magical, reality-denying view of the world, replete with sin and sinners, the chosen people, a utopian eschatology, a baroque theoretical apparatus that allows the faithful to play at scholarship and reasoning and invent "justifications" for their vindictive prejudices and revenge's got it all! But at least on the right there's some kind of firewall between all that and the rest of the thing. I'm starting to worry that there's nothing to stop this madness on the left.
   As for Drum and the chickens: we're told it's unpleasant work. And the woman in the story makes it clear that it's her inability to communicate with her co-workers that keeps it from being tolerable. The other quote has nothing at all to do with race. If Drum's hypothesis were right, then (given other lefty assumptions) what might predict is that older white construction workers would be leaving, not younger ones. But, then, again: there's no mention of race.
   Blah blah blah I could be wrong.


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