Wednesday, August 01, 2018

The Unmasking Antifa Act

   I'd have to hear some pretty snazzy arguments for this, I guess.
   Rings the same bells for me as "hate crimes" legislation. Prosecute the crime, not the hate. Prosecute the crime, not the mask.
   (But I've been thinking a bit about the contingencies that are tangled up in the law. If someone invented a perfect disguise-o-matic...say...a cloaking device...or a Ring of Gyges...if it were used in enough crimes...but we could catch people often enough and make the penalty for using the device severe to sound too counterfactual for my taste. But I think I'm setting that up wrong...)
   Anyway, I'd be happy to strike a blow against the Klan and Antifa and other such groups, but I'm skeptical that this is the way to do it.
   Anybody have any actually coherent thoughts on this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this law apply to virtually any burglar as well? Also, the punishment "either a fine or up to 15 years in prison" made me chuckle. Got to cover all the punitive bases.

That's not to say this isn't serious. The sh!t antifa was pulling in 20160-2017 was shocking. I would like to see the FBI pursue serious conspiracy charges against them (that's the real issue, toxic networks intent on committing violence and suppressing other's rights), rather than see transparent congressional posturing.

9:34 PM  
Blogger Pete Mack said...

Any law that has a political group targeted as part of its name is almost certainly bad. And why would this need to be a federal crime? For essentially Harrassment? Shit like bombing churches is what traditionally gets basic criminality raised to a federal crime.

6:33 AM  

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