Friday, August 03, 2018

Megan Garber: "The Lasting Trauma Of Alex Jones's Lies"; Now With More Broken Recordism!

This is nothing new, but it's on target, according to me.
   But incomplete.
   Here's something horrific that I did not know:
Alex Jones is seeking money [$100,000] from the parents of a murdered child because of a series of lies that have cruelly compounded the family’s suffering since the initial tragedy—lies that Jones, himself, has spread.
   Jesus H. Damn Christ. I've never really looked into that guy much. Which is weird because that's the kind of bullshit that fascinates me. But I already have Rush Limbaugh as my archetype in that slot...but obviously Jones is a little more on the outright-crazy, UFOs-and-Illuminati end of the spectrum. Also more on the sadistic madman end of the spectrum. What a disgusting piece of shit.
   I'll gripe my standard gripe, though; you can't understand contemporary irrationality and anti-alethicism without mentioning the left. Jones is a peripheral, loony figure on the right. The right is full of insane bullshit. The right, for all its good, is also full of bad. The exact same things can be said about the left. But something else can be said, too: at the very core of it is an explicit, in-principle rejection of truth and reason. Except for some sectors of the lunatic, religious fringe, you don't really find that on the right. The right typically at least pays lip service to truth. Central, influential elements of the left explicitly reject truth and reason at a theoretical level. They aren't peripheral. They are revered. They are faculty at elite universities. And they often explicitly reject the distinction between teaching and indoctrination as yet another artifact of the evil, white, male West. And they are in an ideal position from which to indoctrinate to their heart's content. 
   Alex Jones should rot in hell. Period. 
   But here's something else, too:
   Imagine an army of Jones analogs who--while laudably less crass and bloodthirsty--occupy some of the most influential positions in the country, and who explicitly argue that truth is a fiction, and who spin out patently absurd tales (like: men can become women if that's how they feel) that are dutifully taken up by the media...and who can go entirely unmentioned in an article in the Atlantic on the death of truth.
   My view is that the existence of such people ought to be a matter of concern.

   Blah, blah, blah.


Blogger Aa said...

are these so called "elite" individuals fomenting hatred against families whose children were brutally murdered in a terrorist attack? I excuse nothing that they do...but drawing what I see as false equivalences does no good.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

No, and that's a big difference.

But they *have*, e.g., accused people who disagreed with them of molesting their own it's not exactly a completely different thing.

8:15 PM  

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