Thursday, August 02, 2018

It's Tough Being Right All The Time: First They Came For General Lee, Now They're Coming For Austin, How Long Before They Come For Washington Edition

Wheeee! We're slidin' down a slippery, slippery slope now, boys 'n' girls...'n'...I dunno...others or whatever.  As I predicted...and as Trump predicted...which of course was insane and racist because Orange Man Bad. Now Austin's considering renaming basically everything there including Austin. I've noted in the past that the Washington Monument lies just a little bit farther down this trajectory. Weird to point out that I noted it given that it's so obvious...but the point was denied so vociferously by so many people that I'm gonna insist on claiming my due. If the left doesn't go for, say, the Washington Monument, it'll only be because they don't think they can get it. And you know that's right.
   And, as Chapman writes:
And let's not forget the big enchilada: America. Its name came from Amerigo Vespucci, who on one of his voyages to the New World captured a couple of hundred natives to sell as slaves.
Let's wipe the slate clean, start over at Year 1...or Zero...depending on whether you prefer French radicalism or Cambodian... Ties to humanity's flawed past are inherently reactionary. Startin' over is the only thing for it...


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