Friday, August 03, 2018

Behold The Post's Sarah Jeong Article; Is It Possible For Anyone To Deny Leftist Bias In The Media Anymore?

Just wow.
   Had a white person even hinted at any one of Jeong's tweets, the Post et al. would be screaming "racism!" from the rafters, in banner headlines. As well they should. This headline, however, asks whether it is permissible to "make fun of" white people. So playful! So innocent! And much of the article is spent in an apparently serious discussion of the left's attempt to redefine 'racism'...without acknowledging that it's a laughably absurd, extremely contentious redefinition. You'd think that such sophistries would be ineffective...but I guess when you've "colonized" the academic disciplines that should be acting as neutral arbiters, and you use that to give the veneer of epistemic authority to your semantic chicanery...well...I mean...there's no arguing with success, I suppose.
   I like how they've even spun out a tale about how they aren't subject to the table-turning test. Thus they proclaim that their judgments need not be universalizable...thus they proclaim themselves free from the oppressive chains of logic. Consistency is a hobgoblin of evil straight, white, male minds.


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