Monday, August 06, 2018

Boot: "Republicans' Hypocrisy On Racism"

I'm inclined to disagree with the main thrust of this.
  Here's my central thought: the left is doing to Trump what it commonly does to those to its right: it resolutely interprets his unspecific and ambiguous claims as racist. My own view is that Trump may very well be kinda racist. But his alleged racism is hypothetical. That is: it's a hypothesis.
   The racism on the left is straight-up, open, and unambiguous. Again, don't even worry much about Jeong: focus on the fact that what she said is common on the left, and accurately expresses some of its orthodoxies. And, as Sully pointed out: that's basically what the NYT thinks, too. Anyway: progressive racism and sexism are features not bugs. They're part of the view. It's nonwhite supremacism.
   So: hypothetical racism, vs. clear, unambiguous, unapologetic racism.
   Now, as Boot recognizes, hypothetical racism by the president is likely to cause more harm than flat-out racism by one journalist. No disagreement there. Clearly right. The president needs to be above reproach in this respect. And Trump...isn't. That's, in fact, my objection to him. I somewhat doubt the Trump is racist hypothesis. But that hypothesis needs to not be in play. At all. And I'm not saying that the POTUS needs to give in to PC pussy-footing around. But there's a whole lot of space between PC pussy-footing around and Trump. comes another broken record bit: we're not talking about Trump vs. one journalist. We're talking about Trump vs. a crazy extremist hard-left orthodoxy that has metastasized throughout the cultural superstructure. Again: it's not about Jeong. It's about huge swaths of academia, the media, etc., stretching out indefinitely far into the future.
   As for the Trump is racist hypothesis... Take one of Boot's examples: he called Don Lemon dumb. And Don Lemon is black. Hypothesis: he called Don Lemon dumb because Don Lemon is black. That is a damn shaky hypothesis right there my friend. For one thing...well...Don Lemon. I'm very pro-Don-Lemon. As I've said before, I admire his earnestness. I actually have an inordinate affection for the guy. But...well, you know. As an objective matter of fact, he does not come across as exactly Einstein-like. And truth is a damn strong defense in such cases. If the accusation is reasonable, the racial component is otiose. Furthermore, Trump calls all sorts of people he dislikes dumb, regardless of race. Furtherfurthermore, what would explain Ben Carson, HUD secretary, if Trump thought all blacks were dumb?
   Eh, there's more to say here, but I got work ta do.


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