Monday, August 06, 2018

Sarah Jeong, Progressive Anti-White Racism, And "Punching Down"

So, the PC/SJ/progressive left has taken up the "punching down" locution, and turned it into a kind of...what? Not exactly a mantra. Not exactly a shibboleth. I dunno, some shit or other.
   Anyway: the accusation of "punching down" is one of the rhetorical weapons in the progressive kit.
   BUT: here's Sarah Jeong...30, Berkeley undergrad, Harvard law, lately hired by the NYT... Most American whites are way, way, way less fortunate, poorer, and lower in social status than she. Their overall life-prospects are not nearly so rosy. Doesn't that mean that generic denunciations of whites is "punching down"? Ditto generic denunciations of white men. And men generally. With what percentage of white men would Jeong rationally trade places? Socially/economically/professionally speaking, I mean? Not very damn many, you can be damn sure of that.
   I argue thus, ad hominem, against those jackasses.


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