Thursday, June 29, 2017

Travel Ban 2.0 Starts Today

This makes no sense to me.
   Obviously the President has the authority to do it, as we now know. But I thought that the rationale was that we needed some time to put more stringent standards in place. And we've already had the time. Trump has been in office for five months. That's coming up on twice as much time as was allegedly needed to implement more stringent standards. And there's nothing about the ban per se that makes such implementation easier, so far as I can tell. That makes the purpose of this something more like sticking a finger in they eye of liberals and Muslims. And appeasing the base.
   I agree that liberals once again went all out to implement their feelz. But the Supremes have spoken. Trump was mostly right.But I don't see any defensible, practical reason to implement the plan at this point.
   What am I missing?


Blogger Pete Mack said...

Trump was right *if* his claimed rationale was correct. But his statements on twitter and during the campaign suggested he wanted a ban on all Muslim immigrants. The lower courts accepted this as evidence. The Supreme court accepted the "extreme vetting with 90 day ban" as legit.
But I agree, I don't see how it still can be legit after 150 days.

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