Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jewish Marchers Kicked Out Of "Diversity" Rally

Or, as the Post's headline puts it: "say they were kicked out because..." etc. Though the story makes it clear that they were asked/pressured to leave, and they did eventually leave--and, according to them and plausibly: because of the pressure.
   Of course, as Tom Lehrer reminds us, everybody hates the Jews...so...
   The other guys say that they wanted the Jewish folks to leave:
   (a) because they were/are Zionists
   and because:
   (b) therefore, they made other participants feel "unsafe."

   (a) is plausible. It may be a dumb reason, or not a dumb reason, but anyway, it may be true. There's a lot of anti-Zionism on the left...though also a lot of antisemitism. And they often overlap. And they're often hard to distinguish. So who knows? But one wonders whether other types of participants were grilled on their ancillary political beliefs.
   (b) is insane, obviously, and it's a type of insanity that's important. One of the PC left's favorite tactics is declaring fear. "Fear," that is, in the face of "violence." The paleo-PCs were pikers--they merely claimed to take offense at the drop of a hat. The neo-PCs claim to be afraid. What a rhetorical advance! And they claim to be afraid, because they claim that any disagreement with a jot or a tittle of their worldview is an incitement to violence against them...when that is, they don't simply claim that such disagreement itself constitutes violence. This is all obviously false and crazy. But it is an absolute cornerstone of their theory of the world--a theory they hope to impose on the rest of us, and even ensconce in public policy. And, of course, they are having more success than one would ever have thought possible--at least at universities. Actually, I expect that many people on the PC left have even convinced themselves that their bogus claims of fear and violence are true--they've probably managed to work themselves up into a bit of actual fear about such things...though, one would think, not much of it.
   Anyway...nothing really new here. Just my normal Cassandra shtick. Back to work, everybody! There is absolutely no crazy, illiberal left trying to destroy our liberal democracy!
   Only the right can be bad...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be fair to the peleos, they were more than pikers: Most of the arguments, such as they are, equating speech with violence were worked out by MacKinnon and Dworkin back in the 80s, with their claim that porn consumption was literal rape and their attempt to get "group libel" embedded into the 1st amendment exceptions. The current speech-as-violence types mostly just generalize from Only Words.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Well, that's a good point alright...

8:25 PM  

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