Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Anti-Trump Media Feeding Frenzy: CNN Retracts Story, Three People Resign

   This seems to me to be one fairly significant data point with respect to the hypothesis that the media is biased against Trump. I do think he's bad--very, very bad. But I don't think that he's literally Hitler, I doubt that he colluded with the Russians, and I think he's done some things right--for example, his Department of Education OCR has toned down its craziness a bit. I do think, as I've said, that we have enough prima facie evidence to make diligent investigation of Russiagate absolutely non-optional. I also think it's pretty damn clear--given my layperson's understanding of obstruction of justice--that he attempted to obstruct justice in the Comey case. Which--given my understanding of what impeachment is--seems plausibly impeachable to me. So, yeah: he's very bad.
   The rabid media cacophony, however, is actually making Trump seem less awful to me. To some extent this is irrational, obviously, and I realize that full well. And to some extent its arational: it's just hard for me to focus on too many things at once. But I think it is, to some extent, rational: since my views about Trump are largely, well, mediated by the very media that has so obviously largely lost its very shit over the guy.
   Well, anyway, the CNN thing seems significant--though it's also significant that CNN acted promptly to do as much as it could to correct things. I suppose it might do more...in a case like this, perhaps the thing to do is to develop something like a "red team" to work to keep the blue team on the straight and narrow. I realize that's kind of the job of editors...but that doesn't mean there might not be better ways to do it in exceptional cases.


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