Wednesday, May 31, 2017

More Shameful Video From Evergreen State College

Could this be neo-PC's Sister Soulja moment? That is, the beginning of its end? The point at which it goes too far even for the average liberal or "progressive" to defend it?
   Hell, the faculty in this video repulse me more than the students. If some assholes try to trap me in a room, we gonna go round and round. At least one of us is gonna end up bloody.
   Incidentally, these students are the current analogs of the students who eagerly murdered the kulaks when Lenin told them to. There's simply no doubt that many of these students would put you up against the wall if they had the power. These are the Khmer Rouge. These are the cultural revolutionaries. These are the Jacobins. They're laughable largely because they are physically weak. But if you think this insanity is going to die out without your need to think on that a bit more, my brother.


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