Sunday, May 28, 2017

If You Think That Selling Burritos Is "Cultural Appropriation," Then You're A Dumbass

In fact, if you think there is such a thing as "cultural appropriation," then you are a dumbass.
   Apparently at least one Portland restaurant has had to close down because the owners are white...and apparently there's a whole list of other restaurants being targeted on account of having white owners, chefs, etc.
   As JQ points out, McDonalds sells burritos. Why not go after them? 
   Also, if selling burritos is impermissible, then eating them is impermissible. So you're going to have to cut that shit out. In fact, you shouldn't be able to eat or drink or read or use anything from another culture. In fact, since there are no clear boundaries on cultures, you shouldn't be able to eat or drink or read or use anything that isn't part of your sub-culture. If you're not from either the south or Kansas City, you need to stop eating BBQ. If you're not Jewish, no bagels. Not from rural America? No fried chicken nor gravy for you. Not from NYC or Chicago? No pizza, I guess. Oh and: not from the south? No reading Faulkner nor O'Connor. And, really, stealing from your own culture is no better than stealing from another. Cultures are, when you think about it, just a bunch of younger people stealing from older people. So you really shouldn't eat or drink or read or use anything you didn't invent and make yourself... 
   It goes without saying that non-Americans/Brits can't use computers, airplanes, Gore-Tex, can't drink bourbon... Too bad for the Japanese...they love bluegrass...but...that's appropriative!
   Honestly, you just couldn't make up shit this stupid.
   Really, I don't care so much about the idiots who actually believe in this sort of bullshit--they're irredeemable morons. The people that exasperate me are the ones who aren't dumb enough to fall for it, but nevertheless allow themselves to be bullied by it


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