Wednesday, May 31, 2017

An Open Letter On The Hypatia Controversy

Via Leiter we find this open letter on the Hypatia controversy, condemning the first open letter condemning Tuvel. 
   No time to go into this much now, but: I probably won't sign it. It's right about most of what it says, but there's the weird list of "demands" at the end that queers (as it were) the deal for me. But I'm ecstatic to see someone (other than me) saying out loud that all dissent and even critical discussion of the prevailing leftist orthodoxy on transgenderism has been squelched. It's just plain creepy that there is a near-total absence of criticism of this patently bogus theory. If you're not extremely freaked out about what this says about philosophy, the state of public debate in the U.S., and the role of political correctness in that public debate...well...ya need to get freaked out about it. 
   Incidentally, the tiny bit of criticism that has been allowed is all of the form: the prevailing theory of transgenderism is inconsistent with certain feminist views. The fact that the theory makes virtually no sense and is inconsistent with obvious short, that it's just false...well...that kind of criticism is verboten.


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