Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Evergreen State College Is Nuts

   I don't even try to stay on top of all the craziness that might be of interest to us, and here's one of the many stories I haven't gotten around to posting on: the over-the-top PC madness at Evergreen State College in Washington.
   Here's just one of scores of videos on YouTube showing how insane and racist the protesters are. They've been threatening and shrieking at a prof--himself quite the lefty--who refused to absent himself from campus on a day when whites were told that they weren't welcome there. So, of course, he's the racist, you see...
   If you want a vision of our PC future, imagine an 18-year-old with purple hair and a gender studies major shrieking at you that "whiteness is the most violent fucking system of all time"...forever...


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