Friday, January 27, 2017

The Berlin Wall Analogy: Mayor of Berlin Edition

This may very well be the dumbest analogy I've ever encountered.
   It's all over on the left.
   There is no significant analogy between a border fence with Mexico and the goddamn Berlin Wall. The main function of the Berlin Wall was to keep East Berliners in. It's purpose was to imprison Soviet citizens. The purpose of a border fence isn't really even to keep people out--it's to force them to enter the country legally.
   "Progressives" who are pushing this line are either (a) dumb or (b) dishonest. Inclusive 'or.'
   And we already have long sections of border fence. And if it's permissible to have an immigration policy at all, then it's permissible to use reasonable force (including barriers) to enforce them.
   But IMO that's the real problem: many on the progressive favor open borders...


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