Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Voter Fraud Investigation: We Call Trump's Bluff, He Calls Ours

This is crazy.
   So Trump starts with the voter-fraud-by-illegals-cost-me-the-popular-vote nonsense.
   Our side responds: there's no reason at all to believe that.
   He don't need no stinkin' evidence...
   Our side refuses to continue mincing words and starts calling a falsehood a falsehood...a lie a lie.
   Turns out he don't care 'bout no stinkin' facts neither.
   OK, people start saying: if you believe that, then we need a massive, expensive investigation.
   This is the point at which a sane liar backs down... But not Trump. Oh no. He's willing to ride this horse til the bitter end, apparently. He's apparently willing to expend millions of dollars of the taxpayer's money rather than admitting than he's full of shit.
   He's also willing to derail I can't believe I have to type this of Trump...presidency...on week 1 rather than facing the fact that he's just plain making shit up.
   This next nine months is gonna be really, really ugly.*

*My prediction re: how long he stays in office. My metaphorical money* is on ragequit before impeachment...but the latter is a real option. Then of course there's: impeached but refuses to peacefully relinquish the office...

*Incidentally, people who people actually listen to ought to have to put actual money on their assertions/predictions. There'd be a lot less cocksure BS all over the place... But I don't fall into that group, so Imma just say whatever.


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