Wednesday, January 25, 2017

CNN Hammers Trump Inauguration Crowd Lies

   I've been kinda laying kinda low, news-wise, since the election, but JQ and I watched a little CNN with supper was pretty surprised at how relentlessly they were hammering Trump on the inauguration crowd lies. I mean, it's almost all they talked about. I guess I think they're within the bounds of reason...dude is downright pathological. But I was surprised. Given what we already know about him, it is a very bad sign that he's right out of the gate with this kind of craziness. But...given that guy's psychology...and his alleged news obsession...I wonder how much of this he can take. Is he gonna freak out and, like, take out Liechtenstein or something to blow of stem?
   Also, Fox News continues to be a kind of parallel universe. A very angry parallel universe. With extra makeup.


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