Sunday, February 14, 2016

RIP Justice Scalia

   Wow, that certainly seemed to come out of nowhere...
   I'm a bit annoyed by the hagiography flying around, but this isn't the time to complain about that, I suppose.
   One thing that seems clear to me: Obama should nominate a replacement, and Senate Republicans are out of line to complain about that. Obama's got nearly a year left in office, and apparently the longest it's ever taken to confirm a nominee is four months. It is entirely unreasonable to demand that 1/4 of a President's term be ruled out in this respect. And, of course, the GOP would never consider abiding by a similar principle if the President were a Republican. This is yet another GOP demand for a double standard.
   And I say this as someone who is a bit apprehensive about Obama getting another nominee. I think he'll have to go with a comparative centrist to have a chance of getting someone through, so that's good. And I think he can be trusted to pick someone who's more of a centrist than any of the GOP candidates can be trusted to pick. Also good. Recently I've become concerned about ending up with an activist court (in either direction). If this is a time that will encourage the approval of a centrist, non-activist nominee, then that's great by my lights.


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