Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rutgers Students Smear Themselves With Fake Blood To Protest Milo's "Most Dangerous Faggot" Tour

Or: Milo Strikes A Nerve
   Needless to say, I didn't want to see it come to this...
   I would have preferred that we had all sat down like adults and had a rational discussion about why liberals are right and you whiny little ressentiment-addled trembling totalitarians are wrong...
   But nooooooooooooo...
   You had to go straight for the shrieking and fake blood.'s the thing... Smearing yourself with corn syrup and red food coloring is only a vaguely plausible form of protest if you're protesting some kind of actual violence. It just highlights your idiocy if you think that civil disagreement and reasoned dissent is violence.
  Go git 'em, Milo.


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