Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Obama, the GOP, and Executive Orders

   The GOP has really come to love double standards. E.g. they shriek endlessly about Obama's vacations, never asking how many vacation days are normal for a President. When confronted with the fact that Bush '43 took more--a lot more--vacation days than Obama, they fumble for new arguments to defend the conclusion they want, instead of admitting error. The point is to keep their conclusion in place, not to see the facts for what they are. 
   Another thing they've made an issue of is the number of Obama's Executive Orders. However, this chart shows that Obama has issued fewer executive orders per term than Bush '43, Bush '41, and St. Ronnie of the Teleprompter. Of course the content matters as well, as one President might issue rather innocuous orders and another very ambitious ones. But the number has been an issue, and content is more difficult to compare. So it's the quantitative issue that I address here.


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