Friday, February 05, 2016

The New Religion of Anti-Racism Can Turn Disagreement into Heresy

   Can I get an 'amen'?
   God Bless HeterodoxAcademy.
   The link above is a kind of summary of John McWhorter's piece here.
McWhorter and HA are interested in the same kind of phenomenon I've been griping about (most recently here). It'd also gesture at the generalized point: the academic/cultural/intellectual/internet left has begun to react to dissent with respect to purely factual, non-moral issues as if such dissent constituted obviously outright and uncontroversial immorality/evil. Like others, I think that PC is basically a cult--or at least it's extremely cult-like. And calling it quasi-religious is also illuminating and near the truth.
   Of course McWhorter's words will only have any impact with the left--if they do--because he's black. If he were white, he'd be Chaitified: oh look another something something white guy something something privilege something something. (Of course that's a facet of the choice everyone faces when wondering whether they ought to join the PC cult: which side do you trust? The side that gives fairly clear arguments and thinks that race and sex are irrelevant to the evaluation of reasoning? Or the side that obfuscates with a truckload of post-post-modern gobbledygook at ever turn and thinks that the value of your reasoning is determined by the color of your skin and configuration of your genitals? Having thus clearly and dispassionately articulated the options...I leave it up to you...cough...cough...)


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