Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Big Tweeter Is Watching You

   Twitter goes the full SJW.
   The tweetification of public discourse has made it even stupider and shallower than it used to be...something that, a priori, I would have thought it really is a perfect platform for the PCs / SJWs. After all, "that's racist" is way less than 140 characters... You can whip that out and still have room for several "that's problematic"s and a "you microaggress against me, sir" or two...
   I don't tweet, of course, what with my every idea being far too complex and sophisticated and stuff to make the limit... But if I did, I quit it you can betcha. Call me an MRA or whatever, but I don't relish the thought of having Anita Sarkeesian & co. telling me what I can--and mostly can't--say. Er...write.  Er...tweet. Whatever.
   But, y'know...PC isn't a problem and doesn't exist and doesn't have much power and is just being nice anyway so there's no reason to worry and if you're against it it's because you are a straightwhitemale who wants to be able to be racist in peace. #poisoningthewell #freedomisslavery #disagreementisviolence #allyourtweetarebelongtous

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